Diamondhead V-RS™ “X” 13.5″ Free-Floating Versa Base


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Diamondhead’s innovative V-RS™ “X” Free Floating Handguards offer an uninterrupted rail extension and handguard in perfect alignment with the host weapon’s flat top receiver. The “X” rail replaces the factory delta ring and barrel nut. The V-RS™ Free Floating Handguard System provides the same flexibility of use as Diamondhead’s renowned V-RS™ Drop-In System. Simply attach rails and bumpers to the V-RS™ for the required rail-mounted accessories.nnFeaturesnDesigned to give a factory installed appearance to the rifle.nRequires removal of both delta ring and factory barrel nut and  replacement of front sight with low profile gas blocknPropriety replacement barrel nut included with rail that allows  for easy installation and elimination of barrel nut timing issuesnHEAVY BARREL COMPATIBILITY: Please note that some heavy barrels may have compatibility issues with the Diamondhead VRS barrel nut.nMounts on barrels with low profile gas block, or can replace  fixed front sight (basic punch, hammer) with a low profile gas block (not included)nComfortable round shape